Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We value your privacy

This Privacy Policy informs you our practices regarding any information you provide to us. We may from time to time make changes to our privacy policy.

Personal information will only be used within the notified scope and shall not be disclosed to the third party without your prior consent.

Company and personal information collected purpose

In order to process member registration (or service registration) and provide the better service to our user, the company collects necessary personal information on the first use of Cani platform. Required information include but not limit to name, phone number, email address, or Facebook account, password, profile picture, birth date, gender, education backgrounds and interests. We use your personal information within the indicated scope in regards to the purpose for collection and use of personal information. Name and profile picture are disclosed for the purpose of identifying each other while using the service.

We also use your information to improve our services and to respond to customer desires and preferences, to help us develop our new services and improve our existing services.

If you had agreed to the use Cani, your personal information is subject to be disclosed for the purposes of development and customer consultation or when it is demanded by provisions of legislation or when an investigative agency makes a request based on process and method defined by the legislation for investigation, it shall be considered as exceptions.

You can view / modify your personal information at any time and request for deletion of your information.

You can view and modify your registered personal information at any time and if do not approve Company’s processing of personal information; you can also refuse to agree or request termination of account (withdrawal of membership). However, in those cases you may have limited or no access to the services.

In order to view and modify your personal information while use, tab “Profile setting” and “Termination of Membership” to terminate your subscription (withdraw membership) and you may view, edit or withdraw membership. You can directly call, or email to personal information manager for immediate measures. If you had requested correction of errors in the personal information, the concerned information will not be available or disclosed until the correction is made. In addition, if the incorrect personal information has already been provided to a third party, immediate action will be taken to make corrections by notifying the third party of the updates.

If you request for termination of account or deletion of personal information, the concerned information will be processed. All the legal binding to all Company/ user (include HKSAR, China and oversea) include Company/ user, are mainly according to Hong Kong SAR’s laws, ordinances and rules.